For assignments less than three months and down to as little as one hour you will need to use our consultancy service.

This is an ideal service for short term problems and solutions: do you need some training in a particular area – trading, risk, technical analysis? Something analysed? Need to work out quickly the impact of a regulatory change will have on your business but don’t have the resources? Do you need some assistance / advice setting up a trading desk or building out a risk platform? Or¬†understanding a particular market or a trading strategy? Or simply want to talk to someone to point you in the direction? If so, then Inside Trading can help.

Don’t forget that Inside Trading has twenty years of practical experience in Financial Markets specialising in Trading, Technical Analysis, Market Risk Management, Front Office Risk Management, Regulatory, Credit and Operational Risk. We are particularly qualified in Commodities: Metals, Energy, FX and Equities. Coming from a heavy quantitative background we can consult on the more exotic markets and products as well.

All assignments are by individual negotiation and priced accordingly on an hourly rate.

For further information on the consulting services we can offer, please contact us on