Private Individuals – Learn to Trade


For those of you who want to go it alone and learn the craft of trading either for the purposes of starting a new hobby or you’d like to make it a full time career change then Inside Trading has your training and learning requirements covered. Our training is suitable for the beginner through to the more experienced trader. There is always something to learn!

On top of this our sister site: is a dedicated site purely for the development of the private individual trader offering further education, training, content and resources for those interested in the world of trading. It also gives you the chance to follow and interact with the Tracksuit trader as he’s challenged to outperform his peers! For further information on the Tracksuit trader click here.

Inside Trading offers a comprehensive suite of trading programmes:

1. The Core Trader Training Programme:

The essential programme designed to realise your trading aspirations. Covers all aspects of trading from strategy design and application, risk and trade management, trading psychology, developing trading plans and much more in the Equities, FX, Commodities trading space.

Typical courses are run over a couple of days. They are for those serious about having a go at trading and want to learn how “real” traders do it. This is a challenging and stimulating course that will give you the peace of mind that you are giving yourself the best chance possible of achieving your trading aspirations.

This is no “black box” course! We will give you the keys to your own success. You wont leave not knowing what you’ve purchased unlike a lot of the products sold on the market today. This is a real educational course in trading delivered by top professionals. We will give you enough to take away so you can develop individually as traders whether you want to trade “full” or “part-time”, and allow you to develop your own ideas, strategies, trading plans with the fundamentals soundly in place.

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2. Services to make you a better trader:

We provide a number of extra services to make trading even more personal and successful for you……

2a. Executive Programme:

The ultimate elite trader service? We can through an initial appraisal of your aspirations and expectations design and build for you a personal tailor made training programme encompassing all our products and services to suit your lifestyle.

This is a “no holds barred” service where anything can be possible for you as one of our “Executive clients”. In this sort of programme we can set objectives, goals, specific areas of focus and training, work on your weaknesses, give you as many one 2 one training sessions as you’d like, have time spent with our trader training team following them as they trade etc.

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2b. One 2 One training:

If you want to learn golf, a martial art or anything for that matter you take lessons so why not trading? One 2 One coaching is an ideal way to cement the fundamentals of trading, discuss problems, fault fix, review your trading results, build trading plans and solutions, give you the momentum to succeed in your trading.

We offer various One 2 One packages starting from one hour slots, structured regular sessions or bundles of training.

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 2c. Home Start Service:

Don’t want to attend the Core Trader Training Programme in person but want to do it from the comfort of your own home, or one to one at our offices? Then this can be arranged with our “Home Start Service”. If you want us to come to your home, we can set all the hardware and software up for you and take you through the essential training material and take out the stress of getting your career as a trader up and running.

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