Inside trading is a new organisation established in response to the growing need for consultancy advisory work, education and training of individuals and corporations in trading and risk management in financial markets.

Inside Trading can be broken down into two distinct parts. Firstly, services for the corporate sector and secondly, services for the private individual.

For the corporate sector we offer consultancy, contracting and advisory work as well as bespoke training and education for individuals within these organisations for trading and risk management. For private individuals, we offer personalised and tailored training programmes for trading with the aim of equipping them with the necessary knowledge and tools to take their trading to the next level and be as successful as possible.

Inside trading also believes heavily in education and resources being accessible to the individual to grow their knowledge and understanding of financial markets. Where possible we will aim to underpin this principle through this website and the Tracksuit Trader site.

Our founder has worked in the City of London for nearly twenty years. He has worked for some of the top Investment Banks and Trading houses in a career that has taken him from global risk management (front office, market, quantitative), to successful commodity trader to own account proprietary trader. His professional experience in the world of trading and risk management is vast and he has an extensive knowledge of Financial Markets especially in the fields of Commodities, FX, Equities, technical analysis, systematic / automated trading, derivatives products, financial and quantitative theory and risk management practices. He has a quantitative background with an MSc in Financial Markets and has lectured in technical analysis on both sides of the pond and in the Far East. He is currently a member of GARP, PRMIA, and the STA (Society of Technical Analysts).

For further information and general enquiries please contact us at info@insidetrading.org.uk